Cubism Graph

This is the cubism graph that I made with a classmate. We emphasized the aspects at the origins of cubism as African pictograms and revolution against perfect body and prospective in the Renaissance. So the research for modernity starting from the place where the art born: Africa. Starting from the past for create modernity. We … Continue reading Cubism Graph



Bauhaus is a natural evolution of the Arts and Crafts Movement. This movement born at 1880s as a reaction to the industrial era. With the cities going bigger and bigger with the exodus of people from country side to industrial agglomeration for work, people feel the necessity of improve their quality of life combining art … Continue reading Bauhaus

The Photographer’s Gallery

The Photographer’s Gallery is a modern building close to Oxford Circus’ tube station. It is a gallery entirely dedicated to photography and famous photographers. Inside, it contains three different exhibition situated in three floors: First the Wolfson Gallery, second the Barbara Lloyd Gallery and third the John Lyon Gallery. The Wolfson Gallery examine the use of … Continue reading The Photographer’s Gallery