Test with Touch Board

I borrowed a Touch Board from the Tech Lab. This board is made by Bare Conductive and it can be connected directly to the conductive ink or through wires. I started making some experiment with it. I connected it to the computer and I opened the Arduino App. With this app, I loaded a code … Continue reading Test with Touch Board


Screen Printing Test

Today I tried to print my first Screen Printing test. I brought my design to print on a positive artwork paper. Unfortunately, the printer cannot print until the borders of the papers, so it always leaves a margin all around. For this reason, I will need to be more precise when printing on the paper … Continue reading Screen Printing Test

Concert at the Royal Festival Hall

Last week I went to listen to a classical music concert. The concert was played at the Royal Festival Hall. The Philharmonia Orchestra performed three music: Overture and Egmont by Beethoven, Violin Concerto by Tchaikovsky and Symphony No.4 by Brahms. To play the violin solo was Esther Yoo. Unfortunately, I could not take any pictures … Continue reading Concert at the Royal Festival Hall