Major Digital Project – Proposal

I just finished my project about music and conductive ink. In the last few months, I focused on how musicians read the music score and then I created an interactive score, made with conductive ink, to help those who are not able to read it.
Following it, I would like to focus my Final Major Project on dance. Thanks to the final outcome of my last project, I have been studying how people interact with music. I would like to use this experience for further studies on how people use their body to produce movements and dance. I think that it can be surprisingly interesting to study human and computer interactions that are not just keyboard-mouse or touch screen input. Thanks to cameras, the computer can record and understand the movements of a person in front of it. It opens a whole new world of ways for the user to interact with the machine.
During my Final Major Project, I will focus on this: creating an interface for making people interact with the computer through their body.
As I did with my last project, I will start researching the subject, seeing what other people have already done on this topic. After that, I will concentrate on my idea and the design of it.

Here is the proposal that I wrote for my Major Digital Project.


Major Digital Project Proposal.png


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