Research on Kinect

After my research on Computer Vision, I realised that the best way to make people interact with my design is the Microsoft Kinect.

The Kinect

The Kinect is a webcam that can also sense the infrared spectrum and is able to establish how far a person is from the camera.

It was firstly developed for Xbox 360 and released in 2010.

A big amount of games were designed to be played through it: the users now would use it to interface with the Xbox and the games, without using any controllers. Just moving in front of the camera they were controlling and interacting with the console.

The Kinect 2

In 2013 a Kinect 2 for Xbox One was released. It has three times greater accuracy compared to the previous release, but the functionalities remain the same.

Kinect Skeleton

One of the best features from the Kinect is his skeletal mapping technology. Thanks to Kinect’s ability to recognise how far the user is from the camera, it can also separate the man’s body figure from the background. After that it can create a skeleton of the person in front of the camera, recognising key points as shoulder, hand, ankle, elbow etc.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.33.10.png

Making Things See is a book by Greg Borenstein. In it, he explains how to connect a Kinect to a computer and, thanks to Processing, how to use it to create interactive visual effects. I start to read it to understand what I could do for my project.

Borenstein, G. (2012). Making things see. Beijing: O’Reilly.


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