First Sketches

I made some sketches of what I would like to make for my project.


In this first, you can see a person dance in front of the screen with the Kinect connected to it. The Kinect would replicate on screen the movements made by the person. On the bottom of the screen, I can put a bar with a list of images of all the movements captured by the Kinect, having a live movement recognition. On the side, I can put a printer who would print the final outcome and also a smartphone that could reproduce a video of the dance.


In this second sketch, I made a storyboard of what the user should do. Starting with walking on the carpet situated in front of the screen in the right distance, he should read a “be aware of your surroundings” message for don’t make him hurt in any case. After that, he starts to dance and can see his movements recorded by the Kinect. The idea is to record just five movements and after that, I can ask the user to replicate the movement shown on the screen. When he will be finished, I can generate a short video that could be uploaded to Instagram and print out the movement’s sequence. 


In this third sketch, I draw all the five ballet basic positions that the Kinect should be able to recognise. As next step, I will write the code to make the computer identify these five movements. Notice that there is a variation on position 3 and 4 according to what direction you are pointing your arms.


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