Development of first printer

My idea is developing further. I started with making the Kinect recognise specific movements but now I am thinking about make the Kinect produce a Dance Score directly by what the user does in front of it. In this way, the user can dance and collect straight away the dance score produced by the computer.


These are my annotation for what I would like to do. I could start by recording the live performance and save a CSV file with all the point of the skeleton. Then I can generate the skeleton and save it as images and finally, I can put all the skeleton images in order to generate the dance score and print it out.


I can even combine it with a music score so I could have one line for the music score and the below line could be the respective dance score like I sketched in this notebook page.


I already start to write some code to make this. I start creating a software that saves all the information collected by the Kinect in a CSV file and then I created another software that can read this CSV file and can generate a sequence of images. In this picture, you can see the first attempt at the dance score. The symbols that you can see on the screen are all the movements that the user in front of the Kinect made with its upper body. The next step is to complete this printer and insert information also for the legs.


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