Research on Kinect Game Interface

The Kinect was invented as a game device to be connected to the Xbox. Thanks to the fact that it can recognise people movements, it is not surprising that there are a lot of dance simulator video games made appositely for the Kinect.

Dance Central 3.jpg
Dance Central.

Dance Central is a game released in 2010. On the screen, you will see two 3D characters that are the avatars of the players. On the side of the screen, there will be a list of movements that the player as to perform with its body to win the dance match. On the top, there is the user body representation as it is captured by the Kinect.

Just Dance 2018.jpg
Just Dance.

Just Dance is probably the most successful dance videogame as it has a new updated release every year. In the game, you will see the characters on the screen and you will have to replicate all the movements. It can recognise up to four players so it is quite funny to be played in big groups. The interface shows in the bottom right corner the 3D representation of the players.

michael jackson experience 3.jpg
Michael Jackson The Experience.

Michael Jackson The Experience was released in 2010. In this game you will have to dance all the best Micheal Jackson songs, trying to replicate the originals choreography. In the interface, you will see a Michael Jackson replica that will show you the movements. On the bottom right corner, there are the next movements that the player has to perform.

zumba fitness 2.jpg
Zumba Fitness.

Zumba Fitness was also released in 2010 and it tries to replicate a Zumba lesson. On the screen, there will be the teacher in the centre and also the other students all around.

The Smurfs Dance Party.jpg
The Smurfs Dance Party.

There are also dance games for children, like The Smurfs Dance Party where the kids will have to follow the Smurf’s movements.


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