Design Rationale

After these months of research and experimentation, I finally have a better idea of what my final project will be.

My idea is to have a software that captures the movements of a dancer and automatically generate a dance score of the performance. This software could be used by professional dancers who want to take track of their performances. 

A case scenario could be a teacher who wants his students to memorise all the steps that are performed during a choreography. What the teacher has to do is perform the movements in front of the screen while listening to the music. The computer will process the video, capture the movements and print out a sheet with the dance score. After that, the teacher can give the score generated by the computer to the students who could then study the movements and replicate it. Another application of this design could be for documentation and choreography preservation. 

Generally, dancers rewatch the performance in video form, which can seems the best way of recording the movements, but it is also important to preserve the movements in written form. This is something that seems almost unused in the contemporary dance world, but there were famous performers who created other dance notation systems in the past like Pierre Beauchamp. His system was used to record dances throughout the eighteenth century.

A choreographer could use it in the same way an orchestral conductor does with a music score. For this reason, I decided to combine the dance score with the music score: in this way the choreographer can follow the dance and coordinate it with the music.

Another reason could be for copyright purpose. The choreographer could create legal right on a performance by depositing the dance score and granting to the movements associated with the music an exclusive rights for its use.

As I illustrated, there are several applications for my idea and all of them imply that it is being used by professional. Probably I will have to slightly change the idea for the final exhibition and make it more playful. For this reason, I do not exclude the possibility that it can also be used for games and other purposes.


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