Research on Music

I am planning to test my project with a dancer. To do so, I had to book a studio at the university in advance. In will also take advantage of this studio for shooting the dancer and so to make a video of the project.
First of all, I ask the performer what kind of music she would like to dance. She studied ballet and contemporary dance, so we selected a classical type of music.
The first that we selected is Suite No.1 in G major by Johann Sebastian Bach. He was a German composer born in 1685. He is one of the most famous composers of the Baroque music period.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Then we selected Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C sharp minor by Frédéric Chopin. He was a Polish composer born in 1810. Most of his works are piano compositions and chamber music.
The next one is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. This can seem a song out of place among the others, but actually, I found a version by William Joseph who rearranged it as a piano solo. It is really nice and it combines perfectly with the others.

After I selected The Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. He was a Russian composer well known for his classical repertoires like Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake and many others.
The last is Spring from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. He was an Italian baroque musical composer and violinist. He is most famous for the Four Seasons, a group of four concertos who symbolise in music the different seasons of the year.

Besides the selection of music that I made with the dancer is well combined with my project, I am still thinking if it is appropriated for the final exhibition. It is too much classical for a general audience. Also, I personally cut all the music to be one minute long, but maybe this is too much for the exhibition. Probably the right length for that is just 30 seconds. This is because I have to have in mind the audience for who I am making my project. If this selection is perfect for the dancer that is going to test my project, maybe it could be not the best choice for the various people who are going to come at the exhibition. For this reason, I will have to create a new playlist having in mind the new audience.


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