Exhibition plan

Fabio Amelia.png

In this figure, I summarise my plan for the exhibition.

I will need:

A Kinect;


A screen;

A desk;

An iMac with Processing;

A printer;

A carpet.

I will position the screen to the wall and I will attach it to the computer. On the iMac, I will have to install Processing in order to launch the application that  I am coding. I will have to position the Kinect right down the screen. I will also have to calibrate the right position of the person in front of the Kinect to make it recognise the user properly without problems. I will mark the right position with a special carpet that will also delimit the area in which the user can move. I will have to position two speakers around the screen to have a better sound for the music. Then I will need a printer as well for printing out the dance score that I am designing.

Soon I will have a session with a professional dancer to test if everything works properly. After that, I will be able to see if I will need to fix anything in the position of the objects or if I will need something more. If the screen already as a powerful speakers system, probably I will not need some extra speakers.



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