Test with a dancer

This week I booked a shooting studio in the university for testing and filming my project. I positioned the iMac with the Kinect exactly as I am planning to do for the exhibition and I loaded my project on the iMac. The technician helped me with the lights and the camera.


I invited in a dancer. She is Santina La Macchia, specialised in Contemporary Dance. With her help, I selected the pieces of music in the last few weeks. I start explaining her the project and the rationale behind it. Then I let her make some stretching before starting.


I ask her to interact with the app and I went back to start registering. The interaction seemed quite natural and was working well. She had to press a key on the keyboard to select her preferred music and then she had to move to the position on the stage where the Kinect was pointed. After few seconds that the Kinect take for recognise the user, she could dance freely. The Kinect sometime struggled to recognise every movement, especially those that were too fast, but in the average, the Kinect made a good job to detect the rest.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.52.26.png

With a help from a classmate of mine, I recorded more than 1-hour long video. I will edit it and I will create a presentation video for my project.


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