Video of the project

After the shooting session that I had last week with the dancer, I finally made a video presentation of my project. The full length of the shooting was a 1 hour, so I had to select carefully the best sequences that I then inserted int he final version of the video. To do that I used Adobe After Effects. 

In the video, I show all the story behind my project. A dancer chooses the music she wants to dance and start to calibrate the Kinect. After she has performed her movements that will be captured by the computer. In the end, the computer will generate a printed version of the dance score combined with the music score. At this point, the dancer can use that paper to share his choreography with other people.

I choose a music that I also used for the project: Nothing Else Matter by Metallica, rearranged by William Joseph.

Here is the link to the video:


This is the final design of my Dance Score.


In particular is one of the many that I produced with the help of the dancer. On top, there is the title of the music, the Dance Score logo and my informations. Then, alternatively, there are the music score and the movements that the Kinect captured.


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