Richard Dyer, an English academic specialised in cinema and the relationship between entertainment and representations of race, sexuality and gender, points out in a chapter of the book “Privilege: A Reader” called “The Matter of Whiteness” the fact that, in western representations, white people usually have a much broader exposure than black people. This is … Continue reading Differences



The Oxford dictionary describe the word Genre in this way: “A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” (Oxforddictionaries.com, 2016) As is easy to understand the genre is a category that group similarities under the same classification. The key elements in the descriptions are … Continue reading Genre

List of genres

Romance Thriller Action Sci-Fi Western Fantasy Femme Fatale/ Film Noir Spy Comedy Medical Melodrama Drama Tragedy War Teenage Superhero Fairytale Disney Bollywood Stand-Up Historical Documentary Musical Family Children/ Kid Adult Mystery Pornography Erotica Horror Non-Fiction Detective Traditional Educational Sport Romance-Comedy Slapstick-Comedy Adventure Foreign/ International Anime Shonen/ Seinen/ Shojo Animation Stop-Motion Crime Decade Movies 10s 20s … Continue reading List of genres


A documentary is a broad term to describe a non-fiction movie that in some way "documents" or captures reality. Category of documentaries: Biography well-known event concert/ rock festival comedy show live performance sociological or ethnographic examination following the lives of individuals over a period of time an expose including interviews sports ‘making of’ film examination of … Continue reading Documentary